Famous Schizophrenic People


Celebrities are by no means immune to mental illness, and a number of famous people have had well-publicized battles with illness like depression and bipolar disorder. When it comes to schizophrenia, however, the list is not quite as long. The reason for this is likely two-fold: the disorder can be quite debilitating if not properly treated, and it tends to strike people during young adulthood. For these reasons, schizophrenics often spend their twenties dealing with their illness rather than becoming famous. There are, however, a few well-known individuals who have been reported to have schizophrenia. What follows is a partial list of famous people with documented histories of the disorder.

Famous Schizophrenic People

  • Jazz trumpeter and composer Tom Harrell
  • Broadway star Meera Popkin, star of Cats and Miss Saigon
  • Nobel Prize winner John Nash, the mathematician portrayed by Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind
  • Physicist Albert Einstein's son Eduard
  • Actor Alan Alda's mother
  • Scottish soccer star Andy Goram
  • Football player Lionel Aldridge, who helped lead the Green Bay Packers to two Super Bowls
  • Guitarist and Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green
  • Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett
  • Legendary drummer James Beck Gordon
  • Russian ballet dancer Vaslov Nijinsky
  • Pediatrician and memoirist Mark Vonnegut, son of writer Kurt Vonnegut
  • Pin-up model Bettie Page, Playboy magazine's Miss January 1955

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