How to find housing for a schizophrenic


Caring for a schizophrenic at home may not always be in the best interest of the patient or the caregiver.

In some cases, special housing is required that will help accommodate the daily needs of a schizophrenic while providing him with the support required to manage his illness safely.

Start with a doctor or psychiatrist

Meet with the schizophrenic's primary care doctor or psychiatrist. These experts should be able to give you access to the most resources about housing options in your area. Make sure all care providers involved are on the same page about the patient's stability, needs and requirements. It's important that the schizophrenic be placed in a home or living situation that will support his recovery most effectively.

Use social service organizations

Social service organizations should be able to give you information about supervised housing. These situations might include shared apartments or houses where social workers visit occasionally to check on patients and provide support.

Foster families

Look into foster families that are trained to deal with the mentally ill or people with schizophrenia. A living situation like this may provide the family-like support a schizophrenic needs that his real family isn't equipped to provide.

Halfway houses

Research halfway houses in your area. Many of these types of group homes are appropriate for the mentally ill, and some may also be beneficial if the patient is also in recovery for drug or alcohol use. In these situations, professionals are usually available at all times and may live under the same roof.

Source: NAMI