Jobs For Schizophrenics


Schizophrenia is a serious and chronic illness, but today's improvements in the treatment and support available to people with schizophrenia make it possible fort them to live a full, successful life. For many people with schizophrenia, this means holding down a job in spite of the challenges caused by symptoms that can affect concentration, organization, memory, and social skills.

There is no best type of job for a person with schizophrenia--as with anyone, the individual's skills and interests play a large role in picking a type of work. Most schizophrenics in the workforce find success in entry-level or part-time positions with low stress and fewer responsibilities, but others are able to successfully maintain full-time jobs with more advanced requirements--it all depends on the individual, their particular form of schizophrenia, and the support structure they have in place.

The best job for someone with schizophrenia is one in which they receive support and understanding from their employer. Employment services that specialize in helping people with mental and/or physical disabilities can be a good resource for finding this kind of employment situation, and often can provide additional tips and resources for working with schizophrenia.