How To Treat Bipolar Disorder

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There is currently no cure for bipolar disorder, so the goal of treatment is effective management of the illness in order to minimize symptoms and maximize quality of life. For most people, the best treatment plan for bipolar disorder involves a number of different elements. These typically include medication, psychotherapy, lifestyle management, and social support.


Medication is often used both to treat acute episodes of depression or mania as well as to prevent future episodes. A combination of two or more medications is commonly used as maintenance treatment to prevent or delay a recurrence of serious bipolar symptoms.


Psychotherapy can be particularly useful in treating bipolar depression, as use of an antidepressant has the potential to induce a manic episode in individuals with bipolar disorder.

Lifestyle Management

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle makes living with bipolar disorder easier. Practicing healthy eating habits, developing a plan for crisis situations, avoiding alcohol and drugs, keeping a regular sleep schedule, exercising regularly, and following a consistent schedule are all ways of treating bipolar disorder through lifestyle management.

Social Support

Developing a strong support system can do a lot to facilitate and maintain recovery from bipolar disorder. Joining a bipolar support group can provide invaluable ideas and encouragement, as can recruiting the support of friends and family who are willing to learn about bipolar disorder.

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