Celebrities with paranoid schizophrenia

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Hello Dr. Lane. I am writing

Hello Dr. Lane. I am writing you because I feel that I never really hear much in the news media about schizophrenia. Do you know why that is? Is there a stigma attached to the disease? Is it because there are no well known celebrities and they pretty much do not care about us regular people? Thanks

I'm sure that Dr. Lane will

I'm sure that Dr. Lane will have her own response to your post but as part of the Schizophrenic.com team, I'd like to let you know that we are going to begin posting some news-related items on this site. Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting the site.

I don’t know of any Hollywood

I don’t know of any Hollywood celebrities who have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia; however there have been several famous people who have.

One of the main reasons there are not many famous people with schizophrenia is because the onset of the illness typically occurs in late adolescent to mid 20s for males, and in the late 20s for females. Unless they were famous prior to developing the disorder, it develops prior to or during the period of time when they are finishing school and / or just starting their careers. The potential severity of the disorder often derails or at least hinders significant career success.

Following are a few famous people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I don’t know for sure if all of these had paranoid schizophrenia.

Lionel Aldridge, star football player for the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s – had paranoid schizophrenia. He died in 1998.

John Forbes Nash, Jr – 1994 Nobel prize winner for his work in economics. The movie, “A Beautiful Mind”, is about his life.

Broadway actress Meera Popkin ("Miss Saigon", "Cats") – who reportedly fully recovered, which is the exception, and raises the question as to whether she was accurately diagnosed in the first place.

Several famous musicians have been diagnosed with schizophrenia:

Peter Green, who played guitar for Fleetwood Mac
Jim Gordon – one of the top rock drummers of the 1960s
Bob Mosley – who was in Moby Grape, a rock band back in the 1960s
Alexander “Skip” Spence – also a member of Moby Grape as well as Jefferson Airplane
Roger Kynard – guitarist, songwriter, harmonica player and singer
Tom Harrell – jazz composer and trumpet player
Charles “Buddy” Bolden – also a jazz musician
Syd Barrett – who was a songwriter and guitarist with the band Pink Floyd

Dr. Cheryl Lane

yes, there is stigma. to

yes, there is stigma.

to add: the band called, blue october, have a song entitled, "schizophrenia". Santana spoke of a voice called, "metatron". john frusciante is a great artist for the list.

i suggest: stephen malkmus, real emotional trash; erving goffman, stigma