Submitted by hearlegion, July 20, 2012

I have been under m.h.t (mental health team) since 2005 I have had 3 breakdowns two serious one minor (if there is such a thing) but with government cuts my m.h.t have moved I have not seen anyone for 14 months I thought I was dealing with it OK but over the last few weeks the voice's have returned with self harm urges I have resisted and try not to argue with the voices as people will notice I am not well I can not afford this to become common knowledge as I have a beautiful partner who has had liver problems for the last 12 months+ and also major back problems so I am trying to look after her also our beautiful 3yr old so I can't let people know I may be relapsing can anyone give me advice other than trying to contact my m.h.t
Please help if possible

Hi Hearlegion, My apologies

Hi Hearlegion,

My apologies for not responding sooner!

It wasn't clear from your question whether or not you are taking medication or not, even though you haven't seen your mental health team in several months (which is very unfortunate).

My guess is, you're off your medication and that's why you are starting to have symptoms again, such as hearing voices and thoughts of self-harm.

You say you can't let anyone know you are relapsing - I disagree. I think you do need to let someone know - and soon, especially if you are trying to look after a 3 year old child. If your psychotic symptoms get worse you could inadvertently put your child, yourself, and others in harms way.

I strongly suggest you contact a local mental health agency or go to the nearest hospital ER. Your information won't be "public knowledge" (I'm wondering if that statement is due to paranoid thoughts) as your treatment would be confidential. You most likely need to get back on medication (assuming you were in the past and it was helpful), to help keep yourself functioning well and the psychotic symptoms at bay. A local mental health agency or ER staff may be able to prescribe something short term until you can get connected with an ongoing provider.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Cheryl Lane