mental health of choric schizophrenic mother,s child

Submitted by sudhir galphade, October 17, 2012

my elder sister chronically suffer from schiophrenia.she have one female child age,6 is gourri.her teacher told me,gourri have low routin life her behaior is normal as normal child.but in study she cant able memerisd abcd,1 2 3 4 .but she sing-song very memrisid.what can i do for her eductional proggres.i am working with maha gove,public health services in jalna maharastra india.

Hi Sudhir, I appreciate your

Hi Sudhir,

I appreciate your concern for your sister's daughter. Unfortunately, the question you are asking would most likely be better suited for an education professional. You said the teacher said she has a "low IQ" - has her IQ been professionally tested with a standardized IQ test? Or is the teacher saying that based on other factors? I ask because I am wary of subjective IQ estimations (as opposed to formal testing).

If your niece is living with your sister, and your sister is low functioning due to her schizophrenia, then it may be that she will need a lot of encouragement and more 1 on 1 time in order to thrive in school.

I don't know what resources are available to you in your country. It sounds like you are already taking very positive steps to help your niece. The more stimulation (e.g. play time that encourages learning and developing problem solving skills) and positive social interaction she gets both at home and school, the more she will thrive and reach her true potential. If she is just home alone with her mother who is ill, then it may be helpful if you and other families can make sure she has more positive interaction and opportunities.

Continue working with the teacher and any other educational specialists to help determine what will be most helpful for your niece in terms of her schooling.

I hope that helps!

Dr. Cheryl Lane