Submitted by rizkhan, August 06, 2012


i am a patient of schizophrenia from last four years.

i am in a stage of residual schizophrenia but my problem is that my symptoms get worse with background Noises . My Pdoc says that i am having "reflex hallucination' . i would love if any body having same symptoms could give me some tips to reduce this reflex effect.

Second thing i would like to ask is whether there is a proven link between tuberculosis and schizophrenia.


Hi Rizkhan, My apologies for

Hi Rizkhan,

My apologies for this delayed response to your question. I don't know of any treatment that is specific to reflex hallucinations, so I would recommend the same protocol for hallucinations in general. Antipsychotic medication is the primary treatment for psychotic symptoms, which include hallucinations. Also, keeping your stress to a minimum may also be beneficial, as stress can exacerbate and trigger symptoms.

As for a proven link between tuberculosis and schizophrenia. I'm not quite sure what you are asking; do you mean has research proven that tuberculosis can cause schizophrenia? The connection has been studied over the years, and some studies have suggested a possible connection. I'm sorry I can't provide a more definitive answer to this question.

Dr. Cheryl Lane