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In what could be the first study to directly confirm that autoimmune processes can

A researcher at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders and the School of Behavioral and

While media tends to reinforce the idea that mental disorders are on the rise, this

There is an interesting new article on, published yesterday in advance of 20/20's Friday

Children who experience the stress of bereavement tend to have a higher risk of

A new study, using data collected over a period of 50 years, has shown that psychological

In the same way a parent measures their child's growth with marks on the wall, the

A recently published study in Norwegian children has found that children with epilepsy are also

People who have a death in the family during childhood are more likely to develop

A new study, looking at data from nearly 1,700 children, has found that children’s perception of

New research from the University of Warwick and the University of Bristol reveals that

Studies are showing that paternal age at birth of first child can be linked to risk of

A study released by non-profit public health organization Human Impact Partners (HIP)

A British study of child and young adult caregivers recently found that they were more likely to